Reducing food safety risks from manures

Manures have been used to improve agricultural soil fertility for over 7,000 years. Manures add nutrients and organic matter, increase soil bulk density, enhance structure and water holding capacity and increase biodiversity.

Unfortunately, manures can contain pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter spp., Yersinia enterocolitica and others. Even a small dose of some of these human pathogens – particularly some species of Salmonella and types of E. coli – can cause severe illness and even death.

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Plant Fungal Interaction

In nature there are numerous great examples of mutualistic interactions, the oldest and best known is perhaps the coral/algae partnership.
In a terrestrial setting the interaction between plants and fungi can be traced to shortly after the first true terrestrial plants evolved. Even simple, early plants such as liverworts and hornworts have been shown to have associated fungal partners as far back as 400 million years ago.

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Deb & Robert – Albany WA

Pomegranates are such hardy plants.  The foliage is a gorgeous glossy green, flowers are a brilliant vermillion and during late autumn, the globes of crimson fruit hang beautifully on the tree.

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Christine and Bob (Manly West, Queensland)

Christine and Bob Brimson are passionate about their garden in Manly West, Queensland.

Bob describes Christine as the green thumb and at Neutrog, we hear that a lot. One partner describes the other in that way; but at Neutrog, we know it’s team work. Someone dreams and plans and someone brings those ideas to life.

Christine is an ardent follower of Graham Ross, listening to him every weekend, taking on board his advice and also travelling on Graham Ross Garden Tours with either Graham or his crew. Last year they visited the Chelsea Flower Show and also visited some wonderful gardens around the south of England including Prince Charles garden at Cornwall. Christine also enjoyed a visit with Graham early this year, to India.

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September in the Rose Garden

Our thanks go to Gavin Woods, Rose Society of South Australia Immediate Past President and
Life Member, for these great tips to follow during September.

The experts assure us that a wetter than usual spring is still possible, however rainfall thus far
on the Yorke Peninsula has been disappointing. With days warming our roses have well and
truly sprung into growth and before we know it there will be flowers everywhere!

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