About Neutrog

Neutrog was formed in 1988 and is based at Kanmantoo, 60kms south east of Adelaide. The factory site covers an area of some 20 hectares and employs over 50 people.

Neutrog’s name was born from the combination of ‘nutrients’ and ‘organics’ to accurately reflect the true nature of the products manufactured, which is a range of ACO certified organic products, along with specialist organic-based, chemically-boosted fertilisers, liquid probiotics and our supermulch Whoflungdung.

As a company, Neutrog is only at the beginning of its biological evolution, but we are already manufacturing novel and imaginative products that have never been made – ones that are more microbiologically diverse, making them more robust and adaptable, and more tolerant to drought, heat and frost.

For us, Quality Control and Safety Assurance are critical components of products that perform day in day out. As well as nutrient content and microbiological diversity, our fertilisers are tested for pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria that are harmful to humans.

From our original factory in South Australia along with the factory established under license in South Africa, Neutrog supplies some of the most magnificent gardens and grounds around the world. Neutrog fertilisers are currently being exported in large quantities from Australia to places like Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan where there is a cultural appreciation of our clean, green origins.

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