Meet the R&D Team

Meet the R&D Team

Dr Uwe Stroeher PhD

Dr Uwe Stroeher graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1993 with a PhD in Microbiology, where he remained for a further six years working as a research scientist on aspects of cholera. In 1988 he was awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship and subsequently spent over two years working in Tuebingen, Germany.

On his return to the University of Adelaide in 2001, he worked on Streptococcus pneumoniae for eight years before moving to the Hepatitis Research Laboratory.

In 2010 Dr Stroeher moved to Flinders University to work on the super bug, Acinectobacter baumannii which can cause pneumonia and meningitis. Whilst at Flinders University he also worked on the use of clean technology to enhance chemical compounds.

During his research career, Dr Stroeher published over 40 peer reviewed journal articles and two book chapters.

Over the last 25 years Dr Stroeher has had a keen interest in soil microbiology and in bioremediation and hence when he was approached by Neutrog some 17 years ago he jumped at the chance to consult to the company in the development of GOGO Juice and then Litterbugs (to be marketed and sold under the product name LITTERM8) – an ammonia liberating biological for use in commercial animal bedding (chooks, pigs, etc) and with some domestic application in cat litters.

As R&D Manager, Dr Stroeher oversees all existing and planned R&D projects, in conjunction with the broader management team.

Juheeben Amin Hada M Sc.

Juhee completed a Master of Biotechnology in Gujart, India, before moving to Australia in 2019, completing a second Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical) from the University of Adelaide.

As part of her dissertation, Juhee gained experience in molecular docking, plasmid designing, DNA extraction, protein expression, protein optimisation and protein purification.

Fascinated with the steps that Neutrog have taken in R&D and microbiology, Juhee joined Neutrog’s R&D team in 2021.

Zhiyao (David) Yang M Sc.

David obtained his Bachelor degree in the USA at the University of Iowa, and then went onto to do a Masters degree in biotechnology at the University of Adelaide in 2022.  Throughout his study, David also undertook internships in China, USA and Australia.

Interestingly, at the University of Adelaide, David was a student of Senior Lecturer Dr Alistair Standish, who also taught Juhee Hada, and who himself was once a student of our R&D Manager, Dr Uwe Stroeher.

David joined the R&D team in February 2023 to assist with the day to day running of the laboratory, and will also be heavily involved in soil screening, the isolation of plant beneficial microbes, and preparation of bacterial and fungal cultures for products such as GOGO Juice and POPUL8.

David brings with him knowledge on inhibiting the growth of various pathogenic fungi, which fits extremely well with our focus on enhancing and improving biological controls against plant fungal pathogens. Furthermore, he will also be involved in running and monitoring trials we undertake with growers and institutions such as the various botanic gardens around Australia.

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