Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition

Spring and autumn are the more recognised times to fertilise the garden, however summer and winter are just as important. Even though there’s no dramatic plant growth in winter, there is still plenty going on below the ground.

These year-round fertilising programmes encompass flowering and non-flowering plants, natives, vegetables and herbs, fruit trees and lawns. It’s another way we invest in performance. There is a Neutrog year-round fertilising program for every plant in your garden.

Planting situations

All planting situations including roses.

Flowering plants

Including roses, carnations, daisies and all other flowering plants (except natives).

Potted flowering & fruiting plants

Including orchids and any flowering or fruiting plants in pots

Non-flowering plants

Including lawns, hedges, bamboo, herbs, leafy veggies & ferns.

Acid loving plants

Including camellias, gardenias, rhododendrons, azaleas and blueberries.


All natives including phosphorous-sensitive natives.

Veggies, fruit & citrus

Including all veggies, citrus trees and fruiting trees.


Beneficial for suppressing weeds & increasing soil microbial activity.

Soil conditioning & plant rejuvenators

Condition the soil and help rejuvenate plants


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