Flowering plants

Flowering Plant

Including roses, carnations, daisies, lavender and all other flowering plants (except natives)

.Potassium is critical to flowering plants – a lack results in weak stems, shoots and flowers that are more susceptible to stress and disease. Potassium is also critical for nutrient uptake – soils lacking in potassium means that plants are unable to take up a whole range of other nutrients.

Sudden Impact for Roses has higher levels of nitrogen and potassium, and these water soluble nutrients become available to the plant quickly, whilst over time the remaining nutrients are released from the organic matter by the action of microbes.

All of the Rose Societies in Australia who endorse Sudden Impact for Roses recommend a spring, summer and autumn feed with Sudden Impact for Roses, and a winter application of Seamungus. Water in with GOGO Juice to encourage a faster uptake of the nutrients by the plant, and to populate and activate the microbes in the soil.

For optimal growth, flowering and health of your flowering plants, apply Sudden Impact for Roses in spring, summer and autumn, and Seamungus in the winter.

Sudden Impact for Roses liquidSpring tip: If any plants are looking a bit yellow or stunted after winter, give them a drink of Sudden Impact for Roses Liquid – it will give them a kickstart. The time in spring to feed your roses is when the first burst of warm weather comes and the roses are showing their first new season’s growth – ideally when the shoots are 2 to 3cm in length. Keep an eye on them though – as they burst into bloom they will become very attractive to aphids which can congregate on the buds and distort their growth.


About Sudden Impact for Roses – ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, not just roses, Sudden Impact for Roses combines the best of both worlds. Its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water-soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application. Users of Sudden Impact for Roses consistently report an increase in the number of flowers, an increase in the quality of individual blooms, continued general plant vigour and sturdy growth, and an improvement in the health of the plants, with increased resistance to fungal disease such as black spot, rust and powdery mildew, resulting in a marked reduction in the need for preventative spraying by up to two thirds.

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