Video Gallery

We are excited to bring you our latest video for your viewing pleasure, which will give you a great insight into Neutrog.

In this radio segment with Graham Ross, Neutrog's Microbiologist, Dr. Uwe Stroeher explains how to get the best from your orchids.

Fertilising your roses now for an Autumn floral display

Neutrog’s Microbiologist and R&D Manager, Dr. Uwe Stroeher talks about soil nutrient cycling by the action of bacteria and fungi, and how you can influence this to benefit your garden and soil.

How to water, feed and mulch fruit trees, with citrus expert Ian Tolley.

Caring for Rare Fruit Trees

Providing adequate nutrients for your vegetables

South Aussie with Cosi visits Neutrog HQ

Water repellent soils and how to improve them

Fertilise your flowering plants now for the best results

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