Deb & Robert – Albany WA

Pomegranates are such hardy plants.  The foliage is a gorgeous glossy green, flowers are a brilliant vermillion and during late autumn, the globes of crimson fruit hang beautifully on the tree.

Deb and Robert live near Albany in Western Australia and grow a significant number of pomegranates – 5000 in fact.  Deb is a breast cancer survivor.  Whilst dealing with chemotherapy Deb’s niece suggested including pomegranates as part of her diet to help in Deb’s healing after finishing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Pomegranates are high in polyphenols and antioxidants which would provide nutrition to her body. She also found out that she was unable to source any pomegranates grown in Australia. All commercially bottled pomegranate juice was either made from highly processed concentrate or pasteurised, both processes involving heat and diminishing any antioxidants in the meantime.

Together with her husband Robert, they researched the pomegranate and found that their 40HA near Albany Western Australia was an ideal location to grow these wonderful fruits.

They planted a few rows in 2014 as a test and when very positive results were collated they decided to expand.

Gyganic for Veggies Fruit & Citrus played a huge part when they struck difficulties in 2018 after a severe black frost damaged every tree and placed the trees in shock. Finding a nutritional supplement for the trees that also nurtured the soil microbial activity was very important to their “eat healthy” business ethos. Gyganic and Seamungus are applied regularly and GOGO Juice is fed to the trees via dripper lines at regular intervals.

“We are very impressed with the lush condition of our trees since using Neutrog products and we consider the company an important advantage to our business because the quality of the products and technical advice are reliable and very knowledgeable.”

Six years down the track, they now grow 3 varieties; Wonderful, Acco, Big Reds and a few of the Turkish variety Hijaz. They begin harvest in April and supply to local restaurants and markets with plans to process and sell pomegranate related products from their farm. They have sourced a hand juicer which they sell so the buyer of their fruit can juice directly from the fruit.

If you love pomegranates you would enjoy their Facebook and Instagram page Pomegranate Hill, where there are great tips on how to tell if your fruit is ripe, how to harvest the arils and recipes such as Banana & Sultana Muffins with Pomegranate Icing and Sprinkles.


Pictures Courtesy of Pomegranate Hill

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