Christine and Bob (Manly West, Queensland)

Christine and Bob Brimson are passionate about their garden in Manly West, Queensland.

Bob describes Christine as the green thumb and at Neutrog, we hear that a lot. One partner describes the other in that way; but at Neutrog, we know it’s team work. Someone dreams and plans and someone brings those ideas to life.

Christine is an ardent follower of Graham Ross, listening to him every weekend, taking on board his advice and also travelling on Graham Ross Garden Tours with either Graham or his crew. Last year they visited the Chelsea Flower Show and also visited some wonderful gardens around the south of England including Prince Charles garden at Cornwall. Christine also enjoyed a visit with Graham early this year, to India.

When they bought their home in January 2014, there wasn’t much of a garden except for two lovely camellia trees in the backyard and a dilapidated garden bed made from old railway sleepers in the front yard. But from there, what changes have they made in those 6 years!

Bob’s first job was to reticulate the entire garden and ensure tanks were in place to capture rainfall, and then together with Christine they have created a carefully considered and planned garden that surrounds their home. Native frangipani for fragrance, flowering gum, lemon & lime trees, crepe myrtle and lemon myrtle.  Sweet peas ramble, roses, pansies, salvia, nemesias, olives and so much more, all happily co-habit. It’s not just exotics either.

Christine and Bob have skillfully mingled natives throughout, including gymea lily, grevilleas and kangaroo paw. There are also various plants in hanging pots, including zygos, fish bowl & maiden hair ferns, syngonium and a lonely but very healthy fuchsia.

Bob and Christine are also super organised with a system of different coloured, mini wheelie bins. These contain various garden mixes, garden additives and garden soils as well as their favourite Whoflungdung.
The bins keep everything in place, as well as in a dry, safe and secure storage area –out of reach of birds, rodents, pets, other creepy crawlies and inquisitive grandchildren.

When Bob isn’t in the garden he loves making wonderful cupboards and mobile drawers. These store a range of Neutrog products as well as numerous other gardening implements. Mobile trolley’s/potting benches and wooden hanging baskets using recycled timber (see photos) are all part of his range. If you would like these for your garden and you live within the greater Brisbane area, you can contact Bob via email: [email protected]

Christine and Bob commented, “We don’t think there is anything of Neutrog’s which we don’t use. Sudden Impact for Roses and GOGO Juice on our flowering plants; Seamungus as a general tonic, Gyganic for our veggies and fruit; Bush Tucker for our natives, as well as the liquids.”

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