Neutrog crowdfunding now open!

We’re very excited to announce that Neutrog are now inviting people to share in our future through a crowd sourced funding project with OnMarket after reaching our first funding milestone after just 6 days!

As a company established for nearly 35 years, it would be true to say that Neutrog are not typical of the businesses that you would normally find in the crowd funding space. Crowd sourced funding (or crowd funding) is a process normally engaged by businesses early in their development, but crowd funding aligns with the way the Neutrog business has grown.

From the very beginning we have employed a strategy of building a community around ourselves and our products and that community (garden clubs, plant societies, home gardeners, farmers and iconic landmark gardens) has been core to our success, and so it makes sense that they will form a big part of our future.

“Looking forward, we have a lot in the development pipeline, including further R&D projects, new product development, commercial partnerships and export initiatives. Most importantly, I believe we are on the cusp of some substantial and sustained expansion and growth, meaning there are some really exciting times ahead of us.” Angus Irwin, MD & Founder, Neutrog

The funds raised through this project will facilitate the building of an Education Centre on our site at Kanmantoo. This custom built space will help us to meet the increased demand by garden clubs, tertiary, industry and schools to visit our site, keen to understand more about our products and our research and development programs.

Adjacent to the Education Centre will be the Research Centre. The Research Centre, built almost entirely from recycled glass panels (from the old West End brewery) will represent a four- fold expansion of our current onsite laboratory. This increase in space will enhance our biological capacity through the inclusion of more equipment and increased ‘bug’ (bacteria and fungi) storage for future product development.

We will also increase the scale of our brewery and tank storage facility which points to the growing demand for our advanced liquid biologicals – such as POPUL8 our most advanced product ever, that has been developed in conjunction with Elders.

To find out more about this project and how you can take part*, please visit

Please consider the offer document and general risk warning before investing.

Soil is rich in secrets – the science of nature and the nature of science. Unearthing these secrets is a challenge and a commitment… it’s something we are passionate about. We have researched, explored, experimented, invented, refined and evolved. We have changed the way we approach soil enrichment, and created ground-breaking fertilisers that are nutrient rich and bacterially diverse.

To put it simply, we’ve embraced the bugs and turned chicken poo into a micro-biotic wonderland.

Before it’s pelletised, our chicken poo is inoculated, composted, screened and steam treated – this process eradicates pathogens, parasites and weed seeds, maximises nutrients, and optimises the living microbiology. It creates fertilisers that are alive!

Our fertilisers promote soil vitality and nutrient uptake, ensuring optimum performance. They are sustainable, self-evolving and perpetual. Their applications are far-reaching – from farmers to growers to home gardeners. It took us 20 years to begin this journey. And who knows where it will end. But until such time, we’ll continue to embrace the bugs and feed our curiosity… to dig, delve and uncover the secrets of bringing soil to life.

Welcome to Neutrog.

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