Video Gallery


Drought Tolerance in trees and fungal diversity – Dr Uwe Stroeher and Graham Ross

Fertilising native plants – The Weekend Show on FiveAA and Dr Uwe dispel the myth

Microbes and their influence on plant ‘communities’ – with Graham Ross and Uwe Stroeher

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher explain how humates benefit your soil

To Mulch or not to Mulch! The benefits of mulching.

Matching fertiliser to your plants- “The Garden Clinic” with Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher

Add your Autumn leaves to your compost bin-Dr Uwe Stroeher and Graham Ross.

What should you do with your Autumn leaves?

Why using nutrient rich fertiliser is better than traditional Blood n Bone’.

How does seaweed protect your garden? - Dr Uwe and the FiveAA Weekend Crew

How to enhance microbe diversity in your soil- Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher discuss

Improving soil structure with Seamungus- Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss

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