Video Gallery


The benefits of insects and insect diversity in your garden- Dr Uwe talks with the 5AA team

Dr Uwe explains the difference between compost and fertilizer

Tribe FM interview Merv Trimper, co-ordinator of the National Rose Trial Gardens in South Australia

Dr Uwe talks about best practice to fertilise your potted plants

Dr Uwe advises best practice for sandy soils water repellence and how to improve them

Heat stress and how plants respond- Dr Uwe with Michael Keelan (continued)

How to help your garden recover after a heatwave- Dr Uwe with Michael Keelan

Rare fruit trees & veggies- Mark Henley & Michael Keelan on FIVEaa

Michael Keelan with Rachael Matuschka from Treloar Roses

Natives and Bush Tucker- Angus Stewart with Michael Keelan

Clay soils- Dr. Uwe and Michael Keelan on FIVEaa

Antibiotics in the soil- Dr Uwe talks to FIVEaa’s Michael Keelan

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