Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 Advanced Biological Liquid

Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 is a complete, biological fertiliser in a liquid form, specifically designed to provide a full range of nutrients and biology in a soluble format, able to be taken up by the plant – through the leaf, roots and soil.

It’s a premium, professional grade product (suitable for all lawn types), that will provide a quicker response than a granular fertiliser and is ideal for correcting nutrient deficiencies, treating stress related issues, and providing a boost to overall lawn health.

Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 is manufactured by combining the advanced biological formula POPUL8TM, with a carefully balanced ratio of NPK and additional micronutrients. These components support lawn in the following ways:

  • POPUL8promotes nutrient cycling and liberation, fixes nitrogen, produces growth hormones and improves resilience to plant and soil pathogens
  • NITROGEN for bright green colour and growth
  • PHOSPHORUS to encourage deep root development
  • POTASSIUM for resilience to temperature and drought stress
  • MICRONUTRIENTS Iron and Magnesium are important for vigor, Nitrogen uptake, photosynthesis and activation of enzymes, helping the lawn transition between seasons.

For optimum lawn health we recommend a Year Round Fertilising Program.

Applying a combination of biological fertilisers, both boosted and organic, will supply lawn with a diversity of nutrients suitable to the season, climate and lawn variety. Lawns that are fed all year round (as opposed to just the growing season) will be lush, green and resilient to pests and disease.

Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 Hose On is not just for lawns, it is also suitable for hedges, trees, bamboo ferns, conifers, in fact ALL non-flowering plants!


Directions for Use

Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 Hose On is a ready to use product that can be applied simply by connecting to a garden hose. No mixing is required. For full instructions, please refer to the directions on the label.



Sudden Impact for Lawns + POPUL8 2L will cover 150m2 of lawn and can be applied all year round, but is particularly effective during the growing seasons of spring-mid autumn, and whenever nutrient deficiency or stress is evident in lawn.

Use every 4-8 weeks.

Always apply during the cooler hours of the day and water in lightly after application.

As the product contains Iron, it may stain hard surfaces so should be rinsed off if there is any overspray.


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