Rooster Booster Lawn

Rooster Booster Lawn is a unique blend of the highest quality, biologically activated (with eNcase), composted raw materials, specifically formulated for the most effective and safe feeding of lawn.

Rooster Booster Lawn promotes a natural, healthy growth cycle for lawn by providing essential plant nutrients that are slowly released into the soil, stimulating microbial activity, and making further nutrients available.

Rooster Booster Lawn also helps in building, robust, well-structured soils. It promotes microbial activity to help to break down thatch while also encouraging earthworm activity to bind soil particles together to improve composition and tilth.

A better soil structure underneath lawn, allows roots to grow unrestricted in a nutrient rich environment and deliver a lush, green lawn, year round.



New and Established lawn: Apply 100g per metre2, every 6 weeks.

We recommend using Rooster Booster Lawn in conjunction with a monthly application of GOGO Juice Advanced Biological Formula which will add billions of beneficial microbes into the soil profile, to assist with nutrient cycling and liberation, growth promotion and stress tolerance.



Rooster Booster Lawn is packaged in a 100% recyclable box. It is recommended that the box is stored in a dry location, away from moisture and direct sunlight.


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