PROLIFER8™ is a biologically activated, phosphate boosted fertiliser, coated with microbes that liberate and solubilise phosphate, fix nitrogen and improve plant resilience.

PROLIFER8 is manufactured by blending high grade Agriflex™ Phosphate (sourced from Centrex’s Ardmore Phosphate mine in Mt Isa – arguably producing the best material of its kind in the world), with inoculated, composted poultry manure.

This pairing of Australian, premium grade phosphate and nutritionally dense composted manure, provides a high level of stable phosphate (6%) in organic and mineral forms, formulated into uniform, easy to use pellets.

These pellets are subsequently coated with INVIGOR8™, Neutrog’s proprietary biological formula for liberating and solubilising phosphate – creating a unique combination of nutrition and biology.

The specifically selected microbes contained within INVIGOR8, work simultaneously to solubilise the mineral phosphate in the pellets and liberate locked up phosphate in the soil.

Furthermore, unlike more traditional counterparts, PROLIFER8 has a neutralising effect on the PH of soil.

PROLIFER8 is suitable across a wide range of applications including pasture, crop and turf. Application rates will range from 100 – 300kg/ha.


PROLIFER8 is available in 20KG, 1TBB and Bulk.

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