Sudden Impact for Roses

Sudden Impact for Roses is ideal for all flowering plants except natives and bare-rooted roses.

  • Pellet form
  • Organic-based
  • Boosted fertiliser
  • 9:4:12 – plus the full range of secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a natural form along with boosted levels of Iron and Magnesium.


After many years of research and development by Neutrog in conjunction with the Rose Society of SA and a number of professional rose growers, Sudden Impact for Roses was launched in August 2001. Sudden Impact for Roses combines the best of both worlds. Its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water-soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application.

The balance and ratio of nutrients combined with the very best of raw materials are the secret to the success of Sudden Impact for Roses. The organic raw materials are conditioned utilising a  unique composting process and once completed, the water-soluble nutrients are carefully blended into the organic base before being pasteurised and pelleted.

Sudden Impact for Roses is recommended and endorsed by the Rose Societies of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the South West Rose Group of WA along with the National Rose Society of Australia and Heritage Roses in Australia Inc.

Sudden Impact for Roses is used on the 16,000 roses at the Flemington Racecourse Rose Gardens along with the Victoria State Rose Garden, Morwell Centenary Rose Garden, International Rose Trial Garden SA, Old Parliament House Gardens in Canberra, Araluen Botanic Park in WA, and the National Rose Garden at Woolmers Estate in Tasmania along with many others.

Users of Sudden Impact for Roses consistently report the following:

  • An increase in the number of flowers.
  • An increase in the quality of individual blooms.
  • Continued general plant vigour and sturdy growth.
  • An improvement in the health of the plants, with increased resistance to fungal disease such as black spot, rust and powdery mildew, resulting in a marked reduction in the need for preventative spraying by up to two thirds.


Watch this short video and meet Andy Hart, Horticultural Curator Adelaide Botanic Garden.

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Application Rates

Established rose bushes 100g per bush.
Established potted rose plants 15g per 150mm size pot then at 5g per 25mm pot size increase.

Planting (including bare-rooted)
Apply Seamungus at 100g per plant.

General Garden
Sudden Impact for Roses can be used for general garden application (particularly on other flowering and fruiting plants) at 100g per square metre every 8-10 weeks throughout the growing season, then apply Neutrog Seamungus in winter.

Apply Sudden Impact for Roses evenly to pre-soaked soil around the drip line of the plant and water again well. Keep fertiliser at least 20cm away from base of plant and avoid contact with foliage or flowers. Apply after signs of new season growth and thereafter every 8-10 weeks throughout the growing season.

Apply Neutrog’s Seamungus in winter.

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