Planting Strawberries

Strawberries are such a wonderful fruit with a very diverse range of uses. Here at Neutrog, some of our favourite ways to enjoy them are freshly sliced over pancakes, mixed into a smoothie, or bobbing around in a glass of champagne.

One of our Neutrog team shared with us a story that we felt you all deserved to hear. This team member received a surprise delivery on their doorstep from a very kind neighbour, a whole bag of strawberry runners ready to be planted. Sadly, after recently losing their beloved family dog, our team member was a little down in the dumps and the idea of planting out these strawberries was a little overwhelming.

Living in the country, their backyard was often the resting place to a few poor rabbits who had met their fate through the family dog, rabbiting was life to their little pooch.

Grumbling and moaning the garden began to be dug over, ready for the strawberries. One shovelful was particularly difficult to turn, complaining already at the big task of planting, our team member gave an almighty push on the shovel and out popped a long-deceased bunny!! Fond memories returned of their rabbit loving pooch (who no doubt had left the rabbit there for them) and with a happy heart and renewed determination, the digging resumed, and the strawberries were planted in their new home.


Strawberries are clump forming plants that love plenty of sun, good organic matter and excellent drainage. As they mature the plants will put out runners and new plants can be formed from these runners, this is a great way to increase the number of plants you have. Strawberries do well in a pot, or in the ground. If planting into the ground do ensure plenty of Seamungus or Rooster Booster is added to the soil. Gyganic is also an excellent option. Add the Gyganic to the hole, past the root zone, cover with fresh untreated soil and allow the roots to grow down into the Gyganic. After 8 weeks, we recommend that you again apply Gyganic which will not only encourage strong healthy growth and lots of flowers, but will also increase fruit size, quality and flavour. A further 8 weeks out should lead to a third feed with Gyganic. Water with GOGO Juice every fortnight and you will be populating your soil with billions of beneficial bacteria. If growing in a pot use the best potting mix available. In either the ground or a pot, mulch with Whoflungdung.


There are a number of varieties to choose from. These include Red Gauntlet, Sumo, Alpine & Chandler. Your local garden centre will have a great selection for you to choose from and if planted in September you will be reaping the rewards by summer.

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