The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia

Situated in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia. The NRTG was initially established to simply trial roses not yet commercially released in Australia – be they bred in Australia or overseas. This charter remains today and incorporates the identification and promotion of roses best suited to Australian growing conditions. Other aims are to develop and promote Australian Rose Breeding and to be a source of general information on roses, to the public. Finally, the garden is also a source of feedback to rose growers, breeders and retailers about the roses judged by the public, to be the most popular.

Neutrog have been involved in the NRTG from it’s inception and are proud to be so. In the middle of August the plan had been to spread Whoflungdung mulch, but due to the restrictions volunteers were prevented from entering the garden for maintenance work. Luckily in late August the Botanic Gardens granted special dispensation to spread the Whoflungdung, with no more than 10 volunteers attending.

All of the roses in the trial garden have now been mulched with Whoflungdung and are growing really well. Together with monthly feeding of the roses, with liquid Sudden Impact for Roses being applied through fertigation, the roses are looking excellent with good scores being recorded on their assessments.

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