Neutrog Site & Grounds

There is so much happening at Neutrog Head Office and we are proud that many of our long-term plans are coming to fruition.

Our biggest project will be the conversion of our 2 former mining silos into a 9 story high tourism hub. Our visitor’s hub will be complete with viewing platforms, allowing our visitors the chance to observe the Neutrog site and our fertiliser fermentation process. We have so many visitors to Neutrog and it will be tremendously exciting to host them in a “cutting edge” facility. (Pictured right)

The gardens are a huge part of our focus as well. The site has been divided into garden rooms which we are planting one at a time. Adelaide Hills Lawns and Gardens have already completed our weighbridge and warehouse garden with hardy and beautiful plants in colour shades of silver, grey, green, blue and crimson. This will complement the re-painted office, which is now a modern grey tone named “Basalt”. Preparation for the other garden rooms is ongoing, with removal of dead trees and shrubs and that ever present job – weeding.

Entrance concept by Catnic design studio

A new front entrance is also being planned. Bollards constructed of white cedar will march along toward the new entrance which will be constructed out of local Kanmantoo bluestone and curved steel with our name laser cut into the steel. Lights will be set behind for night-time illumination. (Pictured left)

Our site is usually very dry, and at times it can be quite windy & dusty. We have been looking for a suitable plant to act as a windbreak and to help contain the dust.

Around 4 years ago, the late Dr. Harry Harrison from the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia recommended a species of clump-forming bamboo called ‘Oldhamii’, which he felt would make a fast growing barrier that would help reduce dust. Oldhamii bamboo is very low maintenance, it is drought and frost tolerant and extremely fast growing. The plants grow to around 20 metres in height and forms a clump of 1-2 metres. It has an upright habit and lovely dark green foliage. Interestingly too, the plants do not burn.

Visitors lookout 3D concept by Bell Architecture

Established ‘Oldhamii’ bamboo 

Originally, we started off with 80 plants. They proved to be so successful we ordered and had delivered another 1000 plants! These little bamboo’s have been planted along part of our boundary and cover a kilometre, with 1.2m spacing between each plant.

To give our little bamboo the best head start we could, we added Seamungus to every hole during the planting process. We then watered in each plant with some GOGO Juice, followed by mulching with Whoflungdung. Here at Neutrog we “do” as we “say”.

We are proud to be associated and working with Orana on this project. Orana create opportunities for people with a disability to live and work within their local community, fulfill their dreams and become valued and productive community members.

Our existing brewing tanks have all been adapted from the wine industry. We have recently ordered a new 10,000 litre custom built brewing tank. This will allow us to monitor and measure to an even greater degree than we currently do, as well as being even more precise and scientific. This tank expansion will also allow us to cope with the rapidly burgeoning demand for our biological liquids.

Last, but certainly not least is our fantastic Polaris which was purchased to allow us to take visitors around the site in comfort. This vehicle carries 6 people and there is always a fair bit of argy bargy to see who gets to drive.

Young ‘Oldhamii’ bamboo planting

10 000 litre custom built brewing tanks

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