Living Legends, Melbourne

Situated in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne, lies Living Legends, home to many retired champion racehorses.

A visit to meet the horses at Living Legends will have you saying hello to Apache Cat and other old favourites too; including Who Shot the Barman, Tom Melbourne, Fields of Omagh, Brew and many others.

Living Legends is not only about the horses, but also about the historic homestead and the beautiful gardens which surround it. Andrew Clarke, CEO, and veterinary doctor at the property has been a driving force in the development of the entire site, including the gardens around the homestead. Neutrog is delighted to have been along for the entire journey.

Long term use coupled with Neutrog’s Year-Round Feeding Programme, has found Sudden Impact for Roses, Sudden Impact for Lawns, Seamungus and GOGO Juice to have been instrumental in restoring the 160-year-old garden. Two years ago, Andrew used Whoflungdung to mulch the gardens and was thrilled with the results.

Pictured is Dr. Andrew Clarke CEO & Veterinary Doctor & Serife Veli

Andrew comments, “our results using Whoflungdung have been fantastic, it’s a wonderful mulch but so much more; it is so stable and looks beautiful once it’s been spread.

This year is particularly exciting for our Woodlands Homestead Gardens as it is the second season for our legends rose garden which includes the Black Caviar, The Makybe Diva and the Winx roses. This is in addition to the wonderful heritage Alister Clark roses. They have all had a feed of Sudden Impact for Roses, a good drink of GOGO Juice and all topped off with Whoflungdung. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to a spectacular spring time show”.

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