Fertilising non-flowering plants

Often when we think about fertiliser we only look at things like flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and lawns, but what about all of the plants in your garden that you may be growing as a privacy screen, hedge or as ornamental foliage plants? People often forget that these plants, just like any other, also need fertiliser.

In my own garden I have numerous conifers and also a beautiful English Box hedge, consisting of around 60 or so plants, and I have not lost a single one. I put this down to looking after them and feeding them regularly, along with my conifers. In winter I like to use Seamungus for these plants, however in spring I like to give them a bit more of a nutrient boost because they are coming into their main growing season. Plus it prepares them for the hot summer ahead.

I like to use a fertiliser with high nitrogen and phosphate, as well as a good helping of potassium. Potassium is vital for good root growth and for strengthening cell walls. Both of these factors are really necessary for plants to overcome summer heat stress. Spring is the ideal time for root development, because the soil is still soft and has plenty of moisture so roots can penetrate the soil. I like to use Sudden Impact for Lawns, as it contains some organic material and macronutrients, and has been fortified with iron and magnesium, both of which are critical for efficient photosynthesis and which is what makes green plants green.

I think we all know that it’s a great lawn food, so you can get your lawn ready for summer, but it also works a treat on things like palms, hedges and all of your ornamental plants. I even use it for my ferns in our hanging garden, they love the stuff.

Speaking of hedges, we are making some great strides with Neutrog’s new hedge fertiliser. Trials have shown it to be a remarkable product for hedges and other non-flowering plants, but we’ve run into a small problem…it’s a little on the smelly side, so it’s perhaps not quite ready yet for the home garden, but we are working on this issue. Some of our trials on this product have shown that it has what I call a “Lazarus effect” in that in many cases it can turn around dying plants.

Until this product is ready though, I would still recommend using Sudden Impact for Lawns for hedges, ornamentals, and of course for your lawn. With spring here it is an ideal time to get a start on your fertilising before the summer heat. I was actually in my garden throwing some around recently, and today it’s the lawn’s turn.

So Sudden Impact for Lawns is not just limited to your lawn, but can be used on any of your ornamental non-flowering plants whether it’s for conifers, palms or hedges.


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