Images courtesy of Mary June

The seedling section of your garden centre is where you go to dream. To dream of how wonderful you could make your garden. We can all appreciate the enormous amount of work which goes into the floral displays which are often highlighting public parks and gardens. Areas such as these make a positive impact upon you as you’re driving or walking around them. They can be so inspiring. Colours might be blended to complement each other, other patches may be a beautiful burst of every colour imaginable and you may even have a mix of colours which you wouldn’t have ever considered; but somehow, they work.

Recently, Neutrog received some beautiful photos from one of our followers, Mary June. Mary June sent us this message – “Check this out. I put out Seamungus and mix it into the soil a few weeks before planting, I water in with GOGO juice then mulch with Whoflungdung. The stems, the leaves and the flowers are huge. I love it. How amazing do they look already and how exciting for Mary June!

Annuals can be mass planted in a huge garden bed, they can be popped throughout garden beds for splashes of colour, they look great in pots and hanging baskets and will reward you for many many months. Choose strong seedlings. They will reward you with vigour and great growth. Some seedlings, such as petunias will benefit by being “pinched out”. This can be a little shocking – you’ve chosen a strong seedling and then the horticulturalist you’ve been chatting with tells you to pinch some of the inner leaves out. We promise you, the plant will clump up really thickly and provide you with an even better display.


If you have a hot sunny spot then petunias are an excellent choice for spring and summer – and often right into late autumn. As are marigolds, cosmos, salvias, linaria, alyssum and begonias. For a shady area, it is difficult to go past impatiens. Their “jewel bright” colours are simply stunning. The versatile begonia is also a great choice, as is lobelia. If you live in an area which receives frosts, then do wait until they have passed, before planting.

As Mary June did, incorporate plenty of Seamungus throughout your soil. Also excellent is Rooster Booster and Rapid Raiser. It is safe to plant directly into, so you do not need to wait for any period of time. Water in with GOGO Juice and do this every fortnight. Once your seedlings are 6 weeks of age, then begin fertilising every 2 weeks with Sudden Impact for Roses liquid, sit back and enjoy.

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