Artificial Orchid

Here’s a little light relief and a giggle for you all.

Artificial flowers and plants have reached new heights in their “realness”.  They look so true to form that you reach out; to touch; to smell……..

Which of the Neutrog crew kept this beautiful artificial Phalaenopsis in their bathroom – for two years – watered it and fertilised with Strike Back for Orchids – before realising that it was in fact, not the real deal? Oh dear….

Disturbingly, they are a patron of one of the orchid societies in Australia – clearly not chosen because of their green thumb!

Would love to, but probably shouldn’t name names! Your live orchids can be fed in the lead up to flowering and throughout their flowering season with Strike Back for Orchids. Strike Back for Orchids is available as a pellet or as a liquid. Apply the pelleted product monthly and the liquid weekly. Your orchids will produce strong healthy growth and importantly, beautiful flowers. If you have a juvenile orchid then we recommend that Seamungus is applied. Again, the pellets are a monthly option and the liquid a weekly option.  Seamungus is the perfect product to use when re-potting.


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