From little things, big things grow

Anthony Grassi, President of the Frangipani Society of Australia shared a heart-warming story about a little tomato seed that made a big difference.

Anthony tell us, “my wife & I went to our local RSL a few months ago for dinner. Our meals included a generous salad with the sweetest grape tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. When we finished there was one solitary tomato seed left on my plate. I took it as a sign & wrapped it in a tissue and took it home. It was planted in my veggie patch, prepared with plenty of cow manure, Sudden Impact for Roses & mulched with Whoflungdung. It grew into a huge bush 2m tall x 2m wide & fruited so prolifically I decided to keep a tally.

Over the summer it produced 770 tomatoes – so many in fact I shared them with my extended family and neighbours. Then a beautiful thing happened. Most afternoons when we arrived home there was something waiting at the front door…..chocolates, beer, cupcakes, homemade jam and a variety of home grown vegetables.

When I think back to that one seed left on my plate, I feel grateful for the community spirit that surrounds us.”

If this story seems familiar to you, you may recall reading it in Graham Ross’ The Garden Clinic magazine. We think it too good not to tell again.

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