Feeding Citrus

This is Helen Lovel here from Neutrog, with a sad tale and even sadder photos of my potted citrus. At garden clubs and training sessions, my colleagues and I are always talking about the importance of feeding on a regular – at least seasonal – basis. One of the group of plants which we particularly emphasise the importance of feeding, are citrus. They are very heavy feeders, and an application of Gyganic for Veggies Fruit and Citrus every 8 weeks, along with GOGO Juice fortnightly will make a huge difference to the growth of your citrus. You will see an improvement in flowering, as will fruit size, quality and flavour.

Back to my sad tale…being Victorian-based, I have not been on the road since early March, but working remotely from home instead.
Normally, any of the Neutrog products that I need for talks and trainings, plus product for my own garden is shipped to the warehouse in Melbourne and I pick it up from there. I mean to say… once you’ve been on staff rates, you don’t want to be purchasing elsewhere! I thought I had a pretty good stash at home, but that’s all been used up. My citrus are so hungry, and this photo shows what happens when they get that way.

We use citrus for so many sweet and savoury dishes. Lemons in particular would be one of the “must haves” in your fruit bowl. They’re enjoyed in lemon chicken, lemon delicious, with your takeaway fish and chips, and not forgetting the deliciously refreshing G&T. Who doesn’t love a freshly squeezed orange straight from the tree? As for limes, again, they have so many uses. Cumquats, mandarins, kaffir limes – we all know how useful citrus can be in the garden and kitchen. You really do reap the rewards if you show these wonderful plants some extra care and attention.

You can use Gyganic for container grown plants as well. Bear in mind though, that the application rate is a quarter of a ground-grown plant. We also recommend that you apply GOGO Juice fortnightly. This ensures that there will be a diverse range of beneficial bacteria and fungi available to the plants. The bugs eat the organic matter in the soil/potting mix, digest it and make nutritionally available to the plants, thereby giving you the perfect combination to achieve optimum results.

Another tip is to apply Seamungus during winter so that the soil is well prepped and ready for next year’s growth, fruiting and flowering. If you have any queries about fertilising then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our socials.

When I can get my hands on some Gyganic I will show you the positive impact it can make, oh and can someone please paint my deck railing!

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