Winter Organics

Spring and autumn have been the traditional times when gardeners feed their gardens. At Neutrog, we believe that it’s because we can see a reaction in the garden – plants are actively growing, flowering and fruiting.  As they say, ‘spring is in the air’.  We recognise that they need nutrition to bring out the best that our plants have to offer.

If that is an accurate assessment, then the opposite is true for winter and to a lesser extent summer, as many gardeners don’t apply fertilisers during these periods. We tend to think of these times more in the way of maintenance, but in actual fact, applying nutrition to your soil and garden is as important – if not more so – during winter and summer. Why?

Winter is a period of rest for the garden, which is when you have the best opportunity to prepare your garden for a spring like no other. We cannot see what is happening in the ground, but there is plenty of action going on. The soil responds so well to conditioning during winter. Generally, our soils are more moist than at any other time of the year, ensuring fertiliser breaks down well and gets right down around the plants’ root zone, where it needs to be. Applications of Neutrog’s certified organic Rapid Raiser, Rooster Booster or Seamungus will encourage earthworms and a diverse microbial activity, which is what your garden needs to kick off spring on a huge high.

Photo by Simon Griffiths

Mulching during winter also has numerous benefits – the most obvious reasons are weed suppression and regulating soil temperature, but a good organic mulch such as Whoflungdung will also encourage earthworms to come to the surface, thereby aerating your soil and moving nutrients deeper in the soil profile. Your plants will get that benefit as soon as it warms up. If you have sandy soils, applying Whoflungdung in winter will give your soil microbes time to break it down and get some organic material into the soil, which will improve your water and nutrient-holding capacity.

Gardens thrive on a year-round feeding programme which gives your plants the nutrients they require year-round to perform at their best. This can be tailored to suit your garden, lifestyle and budget and there is a Neutrog product to suit you and your garden.

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