Seymour Racing Club

Horses, racing and a day out – if you love going to the races, some of the most enjoyable days are at a country race meet. The Seymour Racing Club has long been synonymous with country racing in Victoria, however in 2016, Seymour become a premier racing destination with a $5.2 million racecourse upgrade, thanks to the Victorian Government, Racing Victoria and the club itself.

Track Manager, Brett Thompson has taken it from a rye grass track to kikuyu. The track has a sand profile which means that nutrients are leached, so part of the work Brett is doing is to ensure that the track benefits from a slow release fertiliser. To that end, he has been applying Neutrog’s Bounce Back. “A couple of years ago I was looking for a complete product which would break down slowly and assist with the leaching of nutrition.  I felt that Bounce Back was the perfect product to do this, plus the fact that it contains a diverse range of beneficial bacteria was extremely important.  Plus, the pellets are a very consistent size and easy to spread which is an efficiency we appreciate” said Brett.

The gardens around the racecourse are magnificent. The garden team, led by Jess Jackson are very pleased with the results of Seamungus as a general fertiliser over the garden beds. “We have around 100 rose bushes, but one bed in particular has always struggled in our harsh conditions. Since using Sudden Impact for Roses however, we have gone from very few flowers to lots, and for a lot longer” said Brett.

“Mulching with Whoflungdung has been of great benefit too – not only does it look great on the garden beds, but it’s allowing a nice gentle level of nutrition to be applied to the gardens as it’s breaking down. As we’ve been seeing such positive outcomes, our next step was to trial GOGO Juice. The benefits of a strong and diverse range of bacteria and fungi in the soil are critical to the performance of any plant, and we look forward to seeing the results of that as well” Brett concluded.

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