Whoflungdung Trial with Adelaide Botanic Gardens

You’ve heard us raving about our latest product, Whoflungdung, and what better way to put our new super-mulch to
the test than by trialing it on the grounds of the prestigious Adelaide Botanic Garden. We started our trial in late October,
so it’s still in its early days, but we’ve already got high hopes for impressive results.

Whoflungdung was applied along with another mulch product on an area of approximately 50 sqm, and we’ll be looking
at its success rate with weed control, moisture retention in the soil, and what happens to the soil in regards to nutrients
and biological activity.

Before we applied Whoflungdung, we recorded the background level of nutrients and biological activity of this site and
will go back in a few months to check what has happened. Our main interest is to see whether the level of the nutrients has changed – we are particularly interested in the nitrogen levels which can often drop when using mulch with a high carbon content leading to deficiencies and stress on plants.. We expect Whoflungdung to potentially stimulate the microbial activity of the soil over and above what we see for the other mulch.

In other trials, Whoflungdung has proven itself to be excellent at weed suppression and moisture retention in the soil,
while also succeeding at keeping the blackbirds from digging in the garden beds. We look forward to what the results
of the Adelaide Botanic Garden trial will bring.

Below are some photos of Pip Robertson spreading the Whoflungdung over the trial site and Clifford Sawtell, Horticultural supervisor, taking moisture measurements.. This awesome new super mulch can be found in retail stores from January
2018 onwards, so you can start your own trials at home and see for yourself how your garden will benefit from this incredible new product.

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