Product of the Month: Whoflungdung

Our product of the month this March goes to Whoflungdung, the latest certified organic mulch product from Neutrog. We’re not talking about any ordinary mulch here – Whoflungdung is a biologically activated, nutrient rich, weed free, absorbent super mulch! It’s composted, activated by eNcase and filled with nutrients that when added to soil introduces a wide variety of good bacteria to provide healthy growth and reduce weeds. After a long period of development and testing, it’s finally available to buy in South Australia.

Where does Whoflungdung come from?

As the name suggests, Whoflungdung is sourced from chicken poo. While that may not sound very glamorous, the intricate and sophisticated workings of this smart product certainly suggest otherwise.

Whoflungdung begins in the chicken shed, where chicken farmers coat the floors in straw to make the chooks feel more comfortable and promote better health. This straw originally comes from various crop farmers, who also supply the grain that is fed to the chickens. The chickens eat the grain and their grain-fed poo then gets mixed up with the straw, where it stays for three months. After three months, the farmers scoop out the chicken sheds and bring the lovely straw and poo combination to Neutrog, where it sits for a further six months composting in our facility.

After nine months of being immersed in this nutrient rich, bacterially diverse environment, the straw has well and truly started decomposing, which makes all the difference when applied to soil.


What makes Whoflungdung so special?

This magnificent super mulch may be one of our greatest accomplishments yet, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the incredible benefits that Whoflungdung has to offer:

  • It’s safe – The chicken poo is inoculated with good bacteria and everything that is captured in the screening process is disease free, weed-seed free and totally safe
  • It’s a feeder – Whoflungdung adds nutrients to the soil for both the beneficial bacteria and plants to feed on
  • It’s a stopper – Whoflungdung aids in restricting and reducing the growth of weeds
  • It’s a facilitator – Whoflungdung contains and introduces to the soil the wide diversity of good bacteria from the inoculated chicken poo
  • It’s absorbent – Whoflungdung helps retain moisture and warmth in the garden
  • It’s sustainable – We turn the chicken poo into a range of fertilisers which we return to the farmers who grow the straw and grain

Where can I buy Whoflungdung?

Whoflungdung is now available to purchase in bulk and take home packs (approx. 20kg) at these selected retailers.









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