Rothamannia globosa

We were thrilled to receive these beautiful photos from Toni Briscoe, one of our regulars at Bunnings Garden Club talks. “I’m missing my contact and friendship with the Bunnings Team Members and garden club members very much” said Toni.
“What I am enjoying though, is the opportunity to read the beautiful posts that Neutrog are putting on their Facebook page. I thought I’d send through some photos of one of my favourite plants in the garden. This plant has many names – Gardenia globosa, tree gardenia and Rothmannia globosa.

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Winter Fragrance

Did you know that some of the most deliciously scented plants flower in winter?  If you’re looking for something that catches your attention in winter, then there’s a great variety of plants you can choose from.

Witch hazel is lovely. The flowers appear clustered along the bare stems and their dainty “ribbon like” yellow flowers are sweetly scented. Witch hazel originates from China and there are a few varieties in this family, but the prettiest and most fragrant is Hamamelis mollis.  A mature witch hazel in full bloom is a sight to behold.

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