Commercial Newsletters


December 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Plans for Neutrog’s Education & Research Centre
  • Bounce Back on Wheat Trials in Tumby Bay
  • Wanderers Stadium, South Africa
  • New PCR Machine in the Laboratory

November 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • POPUL8 Trial Results on Rhizoctonia at Urrbrae TAFE SA
  • Neutrog’s MD & Dr Uwe in Mount Isa
  • A Visit to Waratah Distribution Centre in Tasmania
  • A Farewell to Neutrog’s Long Time Transport Partner, Kitco

October 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Three 10,000L Liquid Brewing Tanks Installed into Liquid Production Area
  • Biodynamic Farming with Jurlique
  • POPUL8 Results on Cherry Trees a Promising Sign for Fruit Growers
  • Almond Hull Composting Continues at Neutrog
  • Broadacre POPUL8 Trials Commence

September 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Prof Brajesh Singh Visits Neutrog HQ
  • An EE Muir & Sons Team Visit to Neutrog
  • Join Dr Uwe for a FREE Webinar about the Microbiology of Turf
  • GM Arnold & Son Spreading Bounce Back on M7 Citrus
  • Almond Trees Planted at Century Orchards for POPUL8 Trial

August 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • POPUL8 Event at Elders Virginia
  • Join Dr Uwe for a FREE Webinar About Soil Microbiology
  • Rapid Raiser Coated with GOGO Juice for Lucerne Crops in SA
  • GOGO Juice Results on Cricket Picth Renovations at Kinross Wolaroi School

July 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Interim Trial Results of POPUL8 from a Turf Farm in NSW
  • Depth Charge Solving Seeding Headaches in SA
  • A New Bioreactor for the Laboratory
  • Bacterial & Fungal Genome Sequencing

June 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • POPUL8 Tomato Trial
  • Three New 10,000L Liquid Brewing Tanks
  • R&D Project at Century Orchards

May 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Visit to Ace Ohlsson & Prof Brajesh Singh at Western Sydney University
  • Inhibition, Solubilization & Auxin Trials for POPUL8
  • Fabric Composting Trials Underway at Neutrog
  • A New Freeze Dryer for Preserving Neutrog’s Microbial Collection

April 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Trials of Biocontrol Agents for Black Dot on Potatoes
  • Bacterial & Fungal Genome Sequencing at the University of Queensland
  • Nutrient Leaching Trials at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
  • The Sea & Vines Making the Perfect Combination
  • Strawberry Growing with Harvest the Fleurieu in Mount Compass

March 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Advanced Liquid Biological Leads to Protein Increase in Paddock Wheat Trial
  • Buhler Coating Drum Installed in Neutrog Factory
  • Compost Testing Processes at Neutrog

February 2022 Commercial Newsletter

  • Successful POPUL8 Trial on Capsicum Crop
  • New Freeze Dryer for Neutrog’s Laboratory
  • Saving Grasstrees with Grasstrees Australia

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