BIOMETRI8™is the ultimate probiotic developed to support and enhance a healthy microbiome for soil and plants. A thriving soil microbiome will help plants to build resilience to biotic and abiotic stress including environment, sickness, pests and disease.

BIOMETRI8contains a specifically chosen combination of in excess of 120+ individual species of functional microbes. These microbes have been preserved, capsulated and when diluted in water, these living organisms populate the soil and around the root zone to help:

  • Cycle nutrients
  • Liberate nutrients• Fix nitrogen
  • Produce plant growth hormones
  • Stimulate ongoing biological activity


Suitable for all plants/soil types. Dissolve two (2) capsules in 1L of warm (not boiling) water, stir. Add 100mL of this solution to a 9L watering can and apply across 8 -10m2. Water in well. One litre (with 1 capsule) will be enough for 10 watering cans and cover 8 -100m2.

TURBOCHARGE your existing Neutrog liquid by adding to any of Neutrog’s liquid concentrates.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Do not mix with other fungicides or bactericides.

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