Blade Runner

Blade Runner is an organic*, biologically active, nutritionally dense lawn fertiliser designed to create the ideal soil conditions for rapid, deep root development and the successful establishment of a new lawn.

Blade Runner is manufactured by composting the highest quality raw materials which contain the full range of macro and micronutrients in a natural form. It is then coated with HYDR8TM.

Blade Runner will not only provide nutrients to the soil and lawn but the microbes will stimulate the natural processes that occur in soil unlocking further nutrients, creating the ideal growing environment for a lush, green lawn, all year round.

For established lawns, Blade Runner can also be used as a nutrient rich, organic alternative to synthetic fertiliser.



Prior to laying or seeding lawn: Apply 200g permetre2. Spread evenly and incorporate into the top10cm of soil prior to seeding or laying turf.

First 12 months: Apply 100g per metre2two weeks after seeding/laying turf, water in well. Then apply100g per metre2every eight weeks.

Established lawn: Blade Runner can continue to be used but we recommend using either Sudden Impact for Lawns, Seamungus Lawn or Rooster Booster Lawn for continued healthy lawn and soil all year round.



Blade Runner is packaged in a 100%

recyclable box. It is recommended that the box is stored upright, in a dry location, away from moisture and direct sunlight.


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