Human Beans

Human Beans is an organic based fertiliser made from recycled coffee grounds, composted chicken manure and coated with over 242 beneficial, living bacteria and fungi (microbes) from POPUL8. Human Beans is perfect as an all-round fertiliser and is especially suited to growing vegetables, fruit and flowers, in garden beds, raised beds and pots.

Human Beans feeds your garden by combining the nutritional value of composted coffee grounds, chicken manure and billions of beneficial microbes.

Coffee grounds have long been added to gardens, but for plants to readily access their nutritional value and for the soil to benefit from their organic matter, they need to first be broken down through decomposition, or ‘composting’.

POPUL8, an advanced soil biological formula, adds another element with literally billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi, working together to encourage nutrient cycling and liberation, produce plant growth hormones and help plants to fight pests and disease.

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Vegetable Patch — At pre-plant, prepare garden beds with 100g of Human Beans per square metre. For established plants, apply 50g per square metre every 6 weeks during the growing period, or as required.

Fruit Trees — At planting, apply 100g per plant to the base of the hole and cover with 1-5cm of soil. Established trees (<2yrs) apply 100g in each season, and for established trees (>2yrs) apply 200g in each season.

General Garden — Human Beans can be used throughout your entire garden and is safe to use on natives and bare-rooted roses.

Bed Preparation: Apply 100g per square metre.

Established Garden: Apply 100g per square metre in each season.


Storage & Use
Store in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Apply around the base of plants, water in well after application.

Handy Hint: A 1 litre container will hold approx. 600g of pellets and 1 cup will hold approx. 150g.

Safety Directions
This product contains a variety of naturally occurring living micro-organisms. It is recommended that you wear a mask, gloves and eyewear when handling. Wash hands immediately after use. Not for consumption.

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