Caring for your Chrysanthemums

Caring for your Chrysanthemums


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have been given a bunch or pot of Chrysanthemums, you’ll know how colourful and beautiful they are. Available in a huge variety, there are a few secrets to caring for your Chrysanthemums which will help to maximise their stunning blooms.

If you’ve received a bunch of Chrysanthemums, there are a few tips to prolonging their life. Cut the stems on a slight angle – this allows them to take up more water. Add a couple of drops of Seamungus liquid into your vase water and change the water every few days. By doing this you’ll extend the life of your flowers for a good couple of weeks, if not longer.

You have a couple of options for the care of a potted Chrysanthemum. After flowering consider moving it up a pot size or two and ensure that you use a premium potting mix to grow it in – don’t skimp on this. Trim the stems back to a few centimetres above ground and new growth will shortly appear. Apply Seamungus liquid and GOGO Juice on alternate fortnights. Once we reach late spring, start to fertilise every fortnight with Strike Back for Orchids liquid, or every four weeks with the Strike Back for Orchids pellets.

Another option is to plant them in your garden, remembering that Chrysanthemums love full sun. Again, trim the stems back to a few centimetres above the ground. Incorporate Seamungus pellets throughout the soil and a scattering around the top after planting. Water in with GOGO Juice and continue with GOGO Juice fortnightly. As with potted plants, in late spring, begin feeding with Strike Back for Orchids every 6 weeks and GOGO Juice fortnightly. You’ll be rewarded for many years with colour around Mother’s Day, as well as lovely memories from whence your plant originally came.

Chrysanthemums are also suitable for dividing up, so once your plant has reached a decent size, don’t hesitate to dig a piece out for your garden-loving friends and family. Make sure you keep some for yourself though!

A huge thanks to Chrysanthemums Bendigo Australia for all of the wonderful photos.

🌿 Ideally suited for establishing new plants and for use on natives, Seamungus can also be used as a plant tonic to revitalise all your plants throughout the year.

🌿 Literally teeming with beneficial micro-biology and essentially a pro-biotic for your soil and plants, GOGO Juice combines the “catalystic” power of providing a wide diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi with the well documented benefits of applying kelp and humates.

Applications of GOGO Juice provide a huge boost of the living micro-biology necessary for your soil and plants to perform at their optimum level, increasing their ability to resist pest and disease and to withstand  and recover from, heat stress and frost.

🌿 Strike Back for Orchids combines the best of both worlds – its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water-soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application.

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