Feeding fruit & veggies in summer

Most soils during summer are likely to be pretty dry, which has a major influence on the soil microbes in your garden. Very dry soils can lead to some microbes and bacteria to die off. Many of the species which are most sensitive are those that are involved in rapid nutrient cycling – in other words, those that break down organic matter.

This decline in nutrient cycling means that your plants don’t have ready access to these nutrients.

In order to improve the soil biology and provide nutrients for your plants, soil moisture is required. I realise that this is difficult if you’re dealing with water restrictions, however it’s best to mulch and then water at the right time of the day (mornings are best). Don’t bother watering areas too far away from your plants – you may sacrifice a few roots, but if you’re on limited water, just water up to the edge of the leaves. You also need to give your plants some food. If you’re growing fruit, then you have most likely harvested most of your summer crop, so you’ve also removed a lot of nutrients from the soil. The same goes for your veggie patch.  We know how healthy home grown food is, and the nutrients in that food have to come from somewhere.

If you look at the analysis for Gyganic for Veggies, Fruit & Citrus, you’ll see that it not only contains the three major nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphate); but it also contains calcium, sulphur and trace elements such as zinc, iron and the like.  So, it is a great feed for your citrus and stone fruit, but it’s also great for the more tropical fruits such as passionfruit, mangoes or even bananas, which are particular heavy feeders of potassium.

If you’ve been growing onions, radish and brassicas, then you have stripped the soil of much of the sulphur. Again Gyganic is a great source of this nutrient…in fact, calcium and sulphur are often overlooked as vital nutrients. With its organic base, Gyganic gives those soil microbes something to use to increase microbial levels where they ordinarily would be under moister conditions. On top of this, water it all in with some GOGO Juice, and you will certainly kick-start that much-neglected soil biology, and have nutrients ready in the soil for your next crop.

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