An insurance policy for your garden

Did you know that fungi in the soil helps bacteria to survive under drought conditions, and therefore also help to maintain plant and soil health?

Not only do fungi transfer signals and nutrients between plants, but they also interact with bacteria in the soil. Fungi are good at living and growing in drier conditions, but these conditions are not ideal for bacteria, as they like a bit more moisture. However new research shows that a number of soil fungi can transfer water, carbon and nitrogen to certain bacteria.

Bacteria can also actively protect plants from attack by pathogens. This protection is obviously critical in times of plant stress where they are more susceptible to attack, and in dry conditions plants need all the help they can get.

GOGO JuiceOne species of bacteria which can be fed by fungi are the Bacillus species. These bacteria form spores to survive harsh conditions, and the fungi wake up these spores by providing them with water and nutrients. Importantly, the Bacillus species are known not only for their role in phosphate liberation and such, but they are also biological control agents, and as such, are involved in protecting plants from pathogen attack.

So even though we don’t know the full extent of which fungi and bacteria interact together, having a diverse community in your soil is a great insurance policy. This is why we ensure that a product such as GOGO Juice (which is teeming with beneficial microbes) will give you the best chance of success to help your plants in hot, dry conditions. In addition, using a product such as Seamungus or Rooster Booster will further enhance that diversity in your soil. These products give you a level of security or insurance by keeping that microbial diversity as high as possible.

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