NINCOMPOOP is manufactured from poultry manure and is subjected to Neutrog’s unique composting process which aids in optimising the natural microbiology. This process stabilises the nutrients, maximises nutrient availability and ensures the compost is free from any pathogens, parasites or weed seeds. During the composting process NINCOMPOOP is biologically activated with beneficial microbes and screened to below 10mm allowing for more uniform nutrient application.

NINCOMPOOP will promote natural, healthy plant growth by slowly releasing essential plant nutrients and stimulating biological activity in the soil. By promoting microbial and earthworm activity, NINCOMPOOP will help to improve soil structure and tilth, allowing plants to grow and flourish in a nutrient-rich environment.

Application Rates

Pre-planting and bed preparation:

For every square metre of surface area, spread approximately half a bag of product and dig into the soil to a spades depth. Water well.

For best results, leave for a week before planting.

Existing Garden Beds:

Spread a 50 -100mm layer over soil surface, avoiding plant stems. Gently work into the soil taking care not to disturb plant roots. Water well.

Re-apply every 8 – 10 weeks.

For more information on this product, or any of the Neutrog bulk compost range, please contact the office on (08) 8538 3500 or contact us here.

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