Neutrog Packaging

At Neutrog, we endeavour to be as environmentally and eco-friendly with all of our packaging, whilst also ensuring durability and shelf life of our products. Our products are often stored and displayed outside in various weather conditions and therefore long lasting, durable packaging is a must. Constant exposure to sun and the elements can weaken the bag and making them become brittle, so smart choices are very important to us and our customers.

All of our bags are UV treated to minimise the effect of exposure, which reduces the effects of sun and weather exposure ensuring a longer shelf life. Neutrog’s tubs and buckets are made out of Polyproylene (PP5) which is recyclable and can be thrown into your yellow recycling curbside bin or re-used around your own home as handy storage pails. This material is often recycled into bins, brooms and bicycle racks.

Our liquid range is packaged in High Density Polyethylene (PP2) which is considered to be a safe plastic with low levels of leaching. They can also be disposed of in your yellow recycling bin, and are often recycled into pens, containers, benches, fencing and detergent bottles to name a few.

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