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Seamungus 800gm


Ideally suited for establishing new plants (particularly bare-rooted roses) and for use on natives. Seamungus can also be used as a plant tonic to revitalise all your plants throughout the year. Registered with ACO.

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Used for revitalising all plants throughout the year (including natives) and is ideal for establishing new plants, particularly bare-rooted roses.

Contains the full range of plant nutrients in a natural form.

  • Pellet form
  • ACO registered organic


Manufactured from seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure.

Seamungus is a great year round health tonic and winter fertiliser – helping your plants resist frost, pests and disease as well as conditioning the soil and encouraging root growth, giving them a head start for spring.

Use Seamungus as part of your Year Round Fertilising Program

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Sold as 2 x 400gsm tubs – price includes GST and delivery

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Weight 1 kg

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