Non-flowering plants

Non-flowering plants

Including lawns, hedges, bamboo, herbs, leafy green veggies and ferns

Non-flowering plants such as lawns, hedges, bamboo herbs, green veggies, ferns and indoor non-flowering plants require a higher nitrogen to potassium ratio in order to promoting growth. They also need higher levels of  iron and magnesium – these particular elements play a crucial role in the formation of chlorophyll, which is the substance that makes green plants green. This is why Sudden Impact for Lawns – specifically developed for all non-flowering plants (not just lawns) is ideal.

neutrog non flowering plants

For optimal growth and health of your lawns and non-flowering plants, apply Sudden Impact for Lawns in spring, summer and autumn, and Seamungus Green in the winter.

Spring tip: When feeding your lawn, remember to apply it according to the recommended rates on the bag – if you over-fertilise in spring you’ll pay for it in summer because the fast growth will have you mowing the lawn far more than necessary.

.Sudden Impact for LawnsAbout Sudden Impact for Lawns – an organic based, chemically boosted fertiliser, Sudden Impact for Lawns is specifically developed for new and established lawns. Its high nitrogen to potassium ratio, coupled with its full range of macro and micro elements, including boosted levels of iron and magnesium (the primary nutrients that play a crucial role in the formation of chlorophyll, which is the substance that makes plants green) make this product ideal for all other non-flowering plants such as bamboo, conifers, palms and ferns (including those plants grown indoors).

Sudden Impact for Lawns includes eNcase – eNcase contains a wide diversity of beneficial bacteria, which when applied, enhance and stimulate many of the natural functions that occur in the soil such as aiding in breaking down organic matter (including thatch), enhancing the lawns ability to with stand heat and moisture stress & acting as a deterrent against pests and disease.

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