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Home Gardening

As a company, our roots are indelibly tied to the commercial market – where we sowed the seed for a better understanding of fertilisers, and cultivated the promise of performance.

The Neutrog name, and what it stands for, can be seen across a wide range of commercial applications – from the vineyards at Petaluma to the lavender crops of Jurlique, from the strawberry patches at Beerenberg to the orange orchards of Nippy’s, and from the gardens at Carrick Hill to the countless hectares of cereal crops and pastures of broadacre farmers.

That’s why these commercial fertilisers can also be seen in the front and back yards of the home gardener, and here’s why…

As we progressed and developed as a company, we began forming relationships with various societies, botanic gardens, golf clubs and other sporting arenas. A lot of it was word of mouth – we’d let our fertilisers do the talking – and quite a few people wanted to work with us. These collaborations (with renowned and celebrated experts) resulted in our specialist, plant specific fertilisers, known as our Signature Range: Bush TuckerGyganic for Veggies, Fruit and CitrusKahoona, Sudden Impact for RosesStrike Back for Orchids, Sudden Impact for Lawns and Upsurge.

As with our commercial-based products, the success of our specialist, plant-specific products is based entirely on performance – if they didn’t perform, they simply wouldn’t exist.

The lengths we’ve gone to, the amount of time we’ve dedicated and the investments we’ve made to ensure the high performance of our products is unsurpassed in the industry. As a company, Neutrog continues to raise the bar. From its beginnings, Neutrog has actively sought to continuously improve the efficacy and performance of its products. Each new product is developed over many years, and is then trialled and tested before being released to the marketplace.

One such product that most rose lovers are very familiar with evolved from a potato and onion fertiliser in the 1990s.

Sudden Impact for Roses was born through Rose Society of South Australia member Kelvin Trimper’s desire to work with a fertiliser company that could produce a special purpose rose fertiliser.

Neutrog was approached, and over the next couple of years, various refinements were made – most significantly the nitrogen to potassium ratio was adjusted, and iron and magnesium added. Over the next three years, trails were undertaken by professional rose growers and amateur rosarians on over 500,000 roses before being successfully launched to the public in 2001.

International Rose Garden, 2001. L to R: Merv Trimper, President of the Rose Society of South Australia; Angus Irwin, Director of Neutrog and the Hon. Leigh Davis MLC help launch Sudden Impact for Roses.

Sudden Impact for Roses is now used by major public rose gardens around Australia including the iconic Flemington Racecourse, the International Rose Garden, the National Rose Trial Garden, the Victoria State Rose Garden, Morwell Centenary Rose Garden and the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden, along with commercial rose growers and home gardeners both here and overseas.

The original packaging, 2005.

Purpose and endeavour

Each Neutrog product has a story – a story of purpose and endeavour. Some have challenged preconceived beliefs and methodologies, some have had to out-perform ‘the best stuff’, and some have been delightful discoveries and interesting tweaks, but all of them have improved the growing environments in which they have been used.

As we continue to explore the nature of fertiliser, our understanding grows – and so does the potential for further ground-breaking discoveries and greater product diversity. To keep up to date with our new and exciting product developments, inspirational stories from home gardeners and our year-round fertilising programs, click here to join the Pooh Bah Club and we’ll send you our monthly newsletter. It’s free to join and you can unsubscribe at any time. And if you’re on Facebook or Instagram, why not come and join the Neutrog community? We look forward to seeing you there!

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