Pooh Bah Origins


”Pooh-Bah” originated as a character in Gilbert & Sullivans 1885 opera “The Mikado”: his title was Lord-High-Everything Else—a self important person of high position and great influence.

The term “Pooh-Bah” has two almost exactly opposite meanings

Pooh-Bah (noun)

1. A pompous self important official holding several offices at once and fulfilling none of them.

2. A leader, high official or important person

an important person, influential person, personage, a person whose actions & opinions strongly influence the course of events.

From what we can gather, the first interpretation was its original meaning in the early days and the second interpretation is the more recent understanding and definition.

Neutrog has obviously based its use of the Pooh Bah name for its Foundation and Club on the latter in the hope that the assistance provided by the Foundation does make a difference to communities throughout Australia.

Conversely you can help Neutrog and the Foundation in their endeavours by simply joining the Pooh Bah Club—membership is free. Simply click on the newsletter sign up panel on the right.

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