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Explore the extensive range to find products best suited to your specific plant and soil needs.

Ask for Neutrog products at your local Bunnings Warehouse, nursery, garden centre or hardware store.*


Click for our Home Garden Product Catalogue or click the links below to view product information:


Organic Range

  • Seamungus
  • Seamungus - crumble form
  • Rapid Raiser
  • Bounce Back
  • Blade Runner
  • Rooster Booster
  • Rocket Fuel

Signature Range

  • Bush Tucker
  • Gyganic for Fruit and Citrus
  • Kahoona
  • Sudden Impact for Roses
  • Strike Back for Orchids
  • Sudden Impact for Lawns
  • Upsurge

Liquid Range

  • GOGO Juice pro-biotic
  • Strike Back for Orchids
  • Seamungus

Soil Conditioners

  • Cock 'n' Bull
  • Earthquake - Natural Gypsum
  • Meatworks - Blood & Bone


*As each Neutrog stockist has a selection of products from our range, not all products and sizes will be available in every store.



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